Here our our frequently asked questions.  If you have another question we can answer, contact us here

How do you handle my child’s medication or what if my child gets sick?

Wooden Acres Camp has a doctor and nurse on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The clinic staff attends every meal and are available at all times to meet the needs of all campers. Medication is distributed 4 different times a day by the clinic staff, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. Medication is distributed according to parent’s direction.

How often will my child write home?
All campers are required to write home at least 3 times a week. Outgoing mail is monitored by staff to insure that you hear from your child on a regular basis.

Can I speak to my child?
Campers are not allowed to call home or receive phone calls. Exception can be made under extenuating circumstances. Your child will receive mail by post, fax or email, 6 days a week.

Can I visit? 
Wooden Acres has a visiting day for 4, 5, or 6 week camper. It is on the Sunday at the end of 3 weeks. Also you can see your child on our Website Photo gallery on a daily basis!

Can I send my child packages?
Campers can receive packages while at camp. Basic needs that your child may have (ie. Toothbrush, shampoo, soap) are provided through the camp Canteen.

How can I contact you?
There is office staff available to answer your calls from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. each day. There is an emergency contact number for calls after 1:00 a.m. If the person you wish to speak to is not available at the time you call, a message will be delivered and you will receive a return call the same day. You may also reach us using the website at info@woodenacres.com.

What is my child’s typical day like?
– 8:30am breakfast
– 10:00 1st activity period
– 11:30 2nd activity period
– 1:00 Lunch
– (following lunch is rest period)
– 3:00 Choice Period
– 4:15 All camp to the lake
– 6:30 Dinner
– 8:00 Evening program
– (Bedtimes vary by age)

What if my child is a picky eater?
Each meal offers salad, a main dish, 1 to 2 side dishes and dessert. There is also bread, peanut butter and jelly and tuna fish available at every meal. If your child requires other options we will work with you to ensure your child is eating healthy meals at camp.

What if my child wets the bed?
The staff will work closely with your child and the bunk, if necessary, to ensure that it does not negatively impact their camp experience. Staff will help change and clean sheets and work on a bathroom schedule to help reduce the risk of accidents. Bed-wetting is best handled with input from parents prior to camp starting.

How do you handle my child being homesick?
A child being homesick is a common part of overnight camp. Staff will work with your child to help them past their sadness and focus them on the world of activities and programs available to them at camp. Your child will receive the attention they require to work past the homesickness.

Can my child be in a bunk with their best friend?
Prior to the start of camp you will receive a bunking request card. We honor all requests that are submitted. In the event we were not able to honor your request you would be contacted before your child arrives to work out a feasible solution for all involved.

Will my older and younger children see each other?
Campers of all ages will have the ability to see each other many different times throughout each day. Choice periods are open to campers of all ages and all of camp attends the lake together each day. Several nights each week evening programming is an all-camp event.

Do you do anything to celebrate my child’s birthday at camp?
Birthdays at camp are celebrated throughout the day with the entire camp and with the individual bunk. The birthday campers are given birthday trinkets and have a cake with their bunk.

Will my child be taken out of camp at any time?
Depending on the length of your child’s program they may be taken out of camp on an outing. The outings are organized and supervised by the counselors and senior staff.